Materiale presentato alla Conferenza RSA – London Voluntary Sector Resource Centre – Londra

Workshop : Poverty and health care: access denied or all clear? – “ISUT: an approach to measure well-being in italian regions” – Simone Bertini, Leonardo Ghezzi, Maria Luisa Maitino, Stefano Rosignoli e Nicola Sciclone

Workshop: Positive and negative impacts of employment on regions 2″ – “Assessing the Implications of the Population on Ageing on Tuscan Wellbeing: A Micro Simulation Approach” – Maria Luisa Maitino and Nicola Sciclone

Workshop: Social impact of housing 1 – Old and new tools in italy’s housing policy. A problem of intergenerational equity – Sabrina Iommi

Autore: IRPET

Committente: Regione Toscana