Bilancio Gruppo 2_4_corpoSo far, the tax deductions for targeted interventions on the existing housing stock have proved quite beneficial in several respects. A first evidence is the widespread, increasing use of these measures, a second is represented by the incentives to the construction industry, that has been facing a severe sectoral shock, and a third is the ability to generate new competencies in strategic sectors, like that of renewable energy sources.

The figures for Tuscany offer a good measure of success, as they show how the 2008-2014 tax period has seen a growing use of deductions for the expenses arising from both the restoration of the pre-existing built heritage, and the energy saving practices.

Other territorial government measures, concerning different aspects, include:

concession fees (urbanization fees): starting from 2018, all revenues deriving from building concessions and fines may be used only for initiatives of local urban regeneration or prevention from seismic and hydrogeological risks;

suburban requalification: the 2017 Budget Law increases by another 1.6 milliard the fund to support “Suburbs Program” projects, originally of 500 milliard. The government has also financed 50 projects presented for the outskirts of the Metropolitan City of Florence.

Source: IRPET elaboration on data from the Ministry of Economy and Finance



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