The Tuscany Region and IRPET organize a Seminar to present the IRPET research on “The employment outcomes of vocational training”.

At a time of dramatic change in the labour market and in job demand, vocational training plays a particularly relevant role. With a view to offering the most suited training options to help the unemployed into work, the Tuscany Region entrusted IRPET with the task of monitoring and assessing the employment outcomes of vocational training. 

The results of the analysis show that, on average, training courses may grant an improvement of job opportunities to unemployed people, although at varying intensity, depending on the duration and contents of the activities as well as on the personal and career characteristics of individuals.

10 July 2017, 11.00-13.00 a.m.

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Slide presentation by Silvia Duranti and Nicola Sciclone

A ten-point infographics summary

Report on vocational training

Slide presentation by Paolo Baldi, Tuscany Region

Slide presentation by Marco Sisti, Ires Piemonte


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