IRPET organizes internships for students and graduates in research projects and subjects falling within its field of activity. The internship consists of on-the-job training activities, offering the trainee an opportunity to approach the world of work, also in view of future employment choices.

The process of (pre-graduate) curricular internships takes place through a selection of the applications submitted by 30 January, 30 May and 30 September of each year. The internship is not remunerated and lasts from 2 to 6 months.

How to get the internship?

– The application must enclose the candidate’s academic transcript and state the name of his/her tutor.

– The candidates shall send their application along with curriculum vitae.

The application and attached documents should be sent via mail to: Gianna Falsini Tel. 055 4591237 e-mail

Research areas

* Local districts and productive systems
* Income distribution and poverty
* Rural economics and policies
* Urban economics
* Territorial analysis
* Public economics and local finance
* Taxation
* Institutional bodies
* Education
* Cultural economics
* Enterprises
* Innovation
* Industrial policies
* Economic and social infrastructures
* Mobility and transports
* Labour
* Regional macroeconomics
* Tourism
* Public utilities
* Society and families
* Program evaluation
* Project evaluation
* Welfare

Internship dissertations