Administrative and financial services

The Administrative and Financial Services is an autonomous organisational unit within IRPET. It is directed by the Administrative Manager and is in charge of administration, budgeting and accounting.

The Service provides the following activities:

  • Financial planning and reporting, management control
  • Accounting management
  • Assets and inventory management
  • Fulfilment of the accounting, fiscal and tax procedures and obligations, guaranteeing regular and timely receipts and payments
  • Ensuring the accounting regularity of the measures taken by the Director and heads of research units
  • Documentation and support activities for the Board of Auditors
  • Economic and financial management, and reporting for research projects financed through structural and investment funds or national earmarked funds.
  • Personnel management: implementation of employment contracts, wage payments, withholding tax payments, payment orders, completion and transmission of the annual personnel report, institutional-level relationships about personnel matters
  • Pension and social security management, updating of personnel service records for pension and social security purposes
  • Procurement of works, supplies and services required for the functioning of the institution
  • Building and installation maintenance, management of work safety and risk prevention procedures, health surveillance
  • Fulfilment of documentation and administrative requirements: inventory of acts and contracts, administrative checks, personnel and contract monitoring, compliance with the Department for Public Administration’s PERLA PA system, updating of data related to “Transparent Administration”
  • Updating of personnel in the areas of administration and accounting

The administrative manager also carries out the duty of Minutes Secretary for the Steering and Monitoring Committee.

The following personnel are assigned to the Administrative and Financial Services:

Carlo Pagliazzi
Administrative manager
Tel: 055 4591253
Irene Chiari
Administrative clerk
Tel: 055 4591265
Francesca Mott
Administrative officer with accounting background
Tel: 055 4591267
Eleonora Pagliai
Technical–professional employee
Tel: 055 4591264