Scenari demografici per le aree interne e indicazioni di policy. I casi italiano e toscano

Sabrina Iommi, Maria Luisa Maitino, Donatella Marinari, Stefano Rosignoli

Articolo pubblicato sulla Rivista Scienze Regionali (Il Mulino ed.) – ISSN: 1720-3929 e DOI: 10.14650/100719

The objective of the Italian National Strategy for Inner Areas (SNAI) is to reverse the negative demographic dynamics which structurally affects the peripheral territories and which recent development policies, promoting the concentration of investments in urban agglomerations, have aggravated. The paper proposes national and regional scenarios of population evolution, based on two different estimation methods, in order to highlight the peculiarities of the different areas, but also to underline how their future is necessary linked to a more open migration policy at national and European level. Only later, local policies for territorial attraction become important.

Keywords: inner areas, place-based development policies, demographic scenarios.