IRPET was founded in 1968 as the technical and scientific branch of the Regional Committee for Economic Planning of Tuscany (Comitato regionale per la programmazione economica della Toscana, CRPET) with responsibility for carrying out preliminary studies for the institution of the regional administration. In 1974, it became a public body by law of the Tuscany Region. The present organization of the Institute was established by Tuscan Regional Law No. 59 dated 29 July 1996, with subsequent modifications and additions, whose last update was on 24 March 2011.

Presentation of research results

IRPET’s research results are published under different series titles. On one side, there are reports strictly devoted to short-term analyses, offering a regular update on the overall economic conditions of the region (the short-term report on Tuscan economy) as well as on its sectoral aspects (reports on foreign trade, on labour market, on agriculture, on tourism). On the other side, there are cross-sectoral reports, such as the territorial report or the report on public economy.

The Annual Report on Tuscany’s economic condition is directed to analyse the evolution in the configuration of the regional socio-economic system, particularly in its future prospects. Many of the reports published on IRPET site are in fact summary documents. The periodical dissemination of information about Tuscany can also be found in bulletin series, such as the quarterly  Flash LAVORO Numero Toscana and Federalismo in Toscana. Online are also accessible contributions on fiscal federalism, collected in the Osservatorio sul Federalismo in Toscana, from the scientific community in the region and nationwide.

IRPET’s relations system In carrying out its activities, IRPET joins forces with Italian and foreign research centres, and with university departments. IRPET plays an active role in the network of regional research institutes, and collaborates with the Committee of the Regions, as well as with several organizations and firms, among which:

Research and study centres
Universities, UVAL DPS (Evaluation Unit of Public Investments, Department for Development Policies of the Ministry for Economic Development), SVIMEZ (Association for industrial development in Southern Italy), FORMEZ (Research and training centre for public administration), ISTAT (National Institute of Statistics), REMI (Regional Economic Models, Inc.)

Public authorities
Municipalities, provinces, ministries, Loan and Deposit Fund

Banking institutions, foundations and companies

IRPET also leads training activities with the promotion of internship and scholarship programs.