Regional observatory on fiscal federalism

The Regional Observatory on Fiscal Federalism was created out of the need to monitor the provisions that would follow the 2009 delegation law on fiscal federalism, and to evaluate their impacts on regional contexts and territorial administrations.

The process of political and institutional reform deriving from the implementation of this law weighed heavily on the dynamics of public finance and on the basic levels of the services publicly supplied. The Tuscany Region set up the Regional Observatory on Fiscal Federalism with the following functions: – carry out studies, analyses and researches on federalism and public finance; – promote the debate on the issues of federalism and administrative decentralization, also through the organization of conferences and seminars; – participate in the drafting of proposals and recommendations on the reform process underway.

From 2009 up till today, IRPET has conducted and published a number of notes and commentaries, studies and researches available here for consultation.

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