Report on the economic and working condition of women in Tuscany. Year 2023

Edited by N. Faraoni and D. Marinari

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This report was produced by IRPET as part of the programme of joint activities with the Region of Tuscany referred to in D.D. no. 8226 of 19.04.2023 – activity 2.

The report was edited by Natalia Faraoni and Donatella Marinari, within the Public Economy Area coordinated by Patrizia Lattarulo. The last chapter contains a summarised version of the results of the survey on the liberal professions, edited by Quantitas srl and carried out with the collaboration of the Regional Commission of Professional Subjects, thanks to funding from the European Social Fund.

Editorial design by Elena Zangheri.

This is the seventh edition of the Report on the economic and working condition of women in Tuscany, prepared every two years by the Regional Institute for Economic Planning of Tuscany (IRPET) as part of its institutional programme and financed by the European Social Fund.

The focus of this new edition is the analysis of inequalities within the female universe, concentrating on the labour market participation and economic situation of Tuscan women. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of individual data or data at a level of disaggregation that would allow a capillary analysis of this phenomenon. In fact, the main statistical source for investigating the gender gaps remains ISTAT’s Continuous Survey on the Labour Force (RCFL), a significant survey at a regional level, but one whose sampling error increases the more the sample size decreases. (…)