The calculation and updating of premiums for interventions in the PHP 2023-2027

with collaboration of D. Marinari and S. Bertini

This study was commissioned to IRPET by the Region of Tuscany – Managing Authority of the PSR-FEASR. The report was carried out by the Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Science and Technology (DAGRI) of the University of Florence, by the Agro-Environmental Research Centre ‘Enrico Avanzi’ of the University of Pisa, with the collaboration of the staff of the Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate of the Region of Tuscany, with the collaboration of Donatella Marinari (IRPET) and Simone Bertini, manager of the Research Area Productive Sectors and Enterprises of IRPET, who also coordinated the work. The external experts received the collaboration and support of Francesca Cappè, Donatella Cavirani, Marco Ferretti, Giovanni Filiani, Livia Lazzarotto, Gianfranco Nocentini, Stefania Nuvoli, Rita Turchi, and Luciano Zoppi from the Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate of the Region of Tuscany.

This work contains estimates of the premiums for support related to: (i) environmental, climate and management commitments (referred to as SRA in the National Strategic Programme), ii) natural constraints or specific spatial constraints (SRB), iii) specific territorial constraints (SRC), which will be activated in Tuscany with the actions foreseen in the next programming period 2023-2027.